Callan - The Monochrome Years - Callan - The Monochrome Years - Filme - Network - 5027626323141 - 22. Februar 2010
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Callan - The Monochrome Years

Callan - The Monochrome Years

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Callan - The Monochrome Years

All 21 episodes from the first two series of the ITV espionage drama from the late 1960s, before the series started to be filmed in colour in 1970. Edward Woodward stars as David Callan, a reluctant professional killer working for a shadowy branch of the British intelligence services known only as 'The Section'. Episodes are: 'The Good Ones Are All Dead', 'Goodbye, Nobby Clarke', 'The Death of Robert E.

Lee', 'Goodness Burns Too Bright', 'But He's a Lord, Mr Callan', 'You Should Have Got Here Sooner', 'Red Knight, White Knight', 'The Most Promising Girl of Her Year', 'You're Under Starter's Orders', 'The Little Bits and Pieces of Love', 'Let's Kill Everybody', 'Heir Apparent', 'Land of Light and Peace', 'Blackmailers Should Be Discouraged', 'Death of a Friend', 'Jack-On-Top', 'Once a Big Man, Always a Big Man', 'The Running Dog', 'The Worst Soldier I Ever Saw', 'Nice People Die at Home' and 'Death of a Hunter'.

Medien Filme     DVD
Discanzahl 4
Erscheinungsdatum 22. Februar 2010
Ursprünglich erschienen 1976
EAN/UPC 5027626323141
Label Network 7953231
Genre Drama
Maße 208 × 157 × 16 mm   ·   144 g
Laufzeit 08:45:00
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Sprache Englisch  
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