Time for a Hug - Phillis Gershator - Bücher - Sterling Publishing Co Inc - 9781454908562 - 5. März 2013
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Time for a Hug

Phillis Gershator

€ 13,49
Lieferdatum: ca. 18. - 30. Okt

Time for a Hug

From the moment Little Bunny wakes up in the morning until the moon comes out and the stars shine, every hour includes a warm hug from Big Bunny. Whether they bake or build, bike or hike, a caring hug always feels just right. This book is full of illustrations.

22 pages, full colour throughout, includes illustrations

Medien Bücher     Kartonbuch   (Buch mit Seiten aus dickem Karton)
Erscheinungsdatum USA, 5. März 2013
ISBN13 9781454908562
Verlag Sterling Publishing Co Inc
Seitenanzahl 22
Maße 177 × 178 × 14 mm   ·   276 g
Illustrator Walker, David

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