Culture shock in Maersk Line - Jensen Lars - Bøger - Vespucci Maritime Publishing - 9788799726929 - 30. Mai 2014

Culture shock in Maersk Line

Jensen Lars

Culture shock in Maersk Line

” Culture shock in Maersk Line” is the first detailed description of the significant cultural changes, which have taken place in one of Denmark’s most iconic companies. Using access to more than 110 Maersk Line employees, ranging from students and secretaries to partners, it is a description which takes the reader inside headquarters on Esplanaden in Copenhagen. 
This is the insider story of how the Maersk people themselves have experienced the changes over the past 15 years. It has been a turbulent period, where old virtues have been replaced, and the old anarchistic entrepreneurs have been replaced by a modern and professional focus on hard results.  
As most Maersk employees who participated in the book acknowledge: ” Maersk Line today, and Maersk Line 10 years ago, have only two things in common: They ship containers, and they are headquartered on Esplanaden in Copenhagen. Everything else has changed,”


From entrepreneurs and kings to modern efficiency

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