The Mysteries of Ravelin Castle - Alla Pfauntsch - Bücher - - 9780557133864 - 28. Juli 2009
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The Mysteries of Ravelin Castle

Alla Pfauntsch

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The Mysteries of Ravelin Castle

Born into an ancient family of human Metamorfoze, Lidia Graad is not aware of her future transformation and is leading a double life. Father kidnaps his daughter to force her destiny turn reality. Every painting in the Ravelin Castle is a portal so Lidia becomes an investigator of her own faith. Does she have what it takes to save Ravelin? Who committed murders? Why ancient legends are so closely connected to the present? What's hidden behind lady Ada's friendliness? Can Lars be trusted? Secrets pile upon Lidia's psyche and create a horrible result. But there is always an alternative. Scary alternative. . . To confront the monsters. . . And complete your transformation. . .

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum 28. Juli 2009
ISBN13 9780557133864
Seitenanzahl 224
Maße 150 × 230 × 10 mm   ·   335 g
Sprache Englisch