Building with a Storm in Mind: Faith to Survive - Tobias M. Wall - Bücher - Jasher Press & Co. - 9780692268223 - 2. August 2014
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Building with a Storm in Mind: Faith to Survive

Tobias M. Wall

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Building with a Storm in Mind: Faith to Survive

A native of Lilesville, North Carolina, Tobias M. Wall is one of three children born to the late Rev. Wall and Mrs. Doris Wall-Marshall. He was raised in a Christian home with his siblings Phyllis and Theo. He is the father of four and is an ever present force in their lives teaching by example. He attended high school at Anson Senior High school in Wadesboro, NC. Following graduation from High School he entered the United States Navy where he served for 4 years until 1992. He continued enhancing his education beginning a decade long quest in Biblical studies at New Life University, (ITC) Inter-denominational Theological Center, and Shaw University; he culminated his educational aspirations by obtaining a B. S in Biblical Studies in 2001 at Queen City Bible College. After God placed an anointed calling on his life he began his Pastoring career more than 20 years ago and continues to educate himself daily. He has pastored in the Mecklenburg and Union County areas of North Carolina, he has been summoned to bring forth the gospel all across the country. Since 2005 he has been the visionary of Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church located in Marshville, North Carolina. He is an entrepreneur?.. he founded, owned, and operated The Knott Shoppe a clothing boutique for men, specializing in custom fit apparel and accessories. He is an author?.the author of ?Pastor?s most Inspiring Scriptures? a collection of scriptures taken from the word of God to empower people to align their lives with the vision that God has for them. His current book ?Building with a Storm in mind? the second of three books that he has pinned. This book takes a close look at the storms people face in life and gives encouragement to build their faith based on Biblical examples and true life stories of those whom overcame their storms. He is the Founder of T. M. Wall Ministries a Community Enhancement Leadership Initiative based out of North Carolina to sponsor leadership and betterment for the people in the surrounding area. Educated, strong, and spiritually grounded he proves that great men of God continue to thrive even when the odds are stacked against you. Tobias M. Wall is an awesome man of God, a magnificent teacher, and a dynamic preacher who is always excited about sharing the news the good news of God to uplift people.

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum 2. August 2014
ISBN13 9780692268223
Verlag Jasher Press & Co.
Seitenanzahl 80
Maße 140 × 216 × 4 mm   ·   104 g
Sprache Englisch  

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