Hell on Earth: the Wildfire Pandemic - Lee Reeder - Bücher - Forge Books - 9780765322203 - 28. April 2009
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Hell on Earth: the Wildfire Pandemic First edition

Lee Reeder

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Hell on Earth: the Wildfire Pandemic First edition

The world is burning, and it appears that we are to blame. Devastating wildfires are increasing throughout the United States.  Each year, more and more acres of the Brazilian rain forest are destroyed in ferocious blazes.  Vast areas of wilderness around the world are dying, setting the stage for a human and environmental tragedy.

David L. Porter had been covering wild fires in the American Southwest for more than twelve years. The loss of his Lake Arrowhead home to a wildfire in 2003 compelled him to look more closely into why conflagrations are rising worldwide.  Porter?s investigation revealed a global pandemic of wildfires, which has been highlighted by the 2007 fires in Southern California.   

Hell on Earth gives readers a greater awareness of the growing threat of massive wildfires and outlines the political, social, and environmental effects these blazes have on our planet. It also takes a look at what we can do at an individual level to ensure our safety---from local forest management to fire safety precautions to global initiatives. It is our responsibility to take action and protect our planet and lives from these catastrophes or become their victims. Hell on Earth is wake up call for us all.

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Erscheinungsdatum 28. April 2009
ISBN13 9780765322203
Verlag Forge Books
Seitenanzahl 288
Maße 156 × 20 × 200 mm   ·   267 g
Sprache Englisch