Lean Manufacturing That Works: Powerful Tools for Dramatically Reducing Waste and Maximizing Profits - Bill Carreira - Bücher - AMACOM - 9780814434277 - 19. November 2004
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Lean Manufacturing That Works: Powerful Tools for Dramatically Reducing Waste and Maximizing Profits

Bill Carreira

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Lean Manufacturing That Works: Powerful Tools for Dramatically Reducing Waste and Maximizing Profits

Is there one factor that allows some manufacturing companies to succeed while others fail? With production a level playing field, with anyone able to purchase the same equipment and facilities, hire and train the same qualified people, and purchase the same raw materials required to make a product-why is it that some companies are consistently more competitive? The simple answer lies in manufacturing technique: how you manage and balance people, materials, and machines. And if your manufacturing organization is slow and inefficient, it's time to slim down. "Lean" manufacturing allows manufacturers to reduce waste and maximize profits by adopting a philosophy of operation that considers value from the perspective of the customer. Far from a dry explanation of theory that simply looks good on paper, Lean Manufacturing That Works brings all the principles of lean manufacturing to where they're needed most: the shop floor. Engagingly written and easy to put to work, the book is specifically aimed at the people whose daily work involves the manufacturing floor, and it features essential tools that can help streamline operations in any manufacturing environment, A proven "weight loss" plan for your manufacturing environment, the lean strategy allows you to expend fewer resources in delivering value to the customer. The results are growth through the taking of market share, greater profitability, and increased opportunity and stability for your employees. Lean Manufacturing That Works provides insights into this remarkable strategy and shows how to put it to work immediately in your own operations. In Section 1 -- the how -- Bill Carreira presents a thorough overview of lean manufacturing, with discussions of cost and cash flow; velocity and lead time; what waste is and how it affects both profit and customer satisfaction; how to quantify opportunities to become more profitable; and how to use lean manufacturing to both complement and implement business strategy. Moving onto the why behind lean manufacturing, Section 2 gives step-by-step, dollar-by-dollar guidance on creating a lean process at virtually any manufacturing company, from laying out processes to transitioning and training employees, with valuable information on establishing metrics and ensuring continuous improvement. According to author Carreira, 'The one and only reason to go lean is to make more money."" Lean Manufacturing That Works provides you with specific, practical information on every page, and sends you back to the shop floor with a workable plan that will transform your entire operation. It is the ultimate use-it-now book of lean.

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum 19. November 2004
ISBN13 9780814434277
Seitenanzahl 336
Maße 150 × 230 × 20 mm   ·   426 g
Sprache Englisch  

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