Eucharistic Contemplation - Ernest Ranly Cpps - Bücher - Liturgical Press - 9780814629376 - 1. Dezember 2003
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Eucharistic Contemplation

Ernest Ranly Cpps

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Eucharistic Contemplation

Eucharistic adoration is part of Catholic tradition. In many parts of the world, perpetual adoration is flourishing as never before. Presented here for any who respect the Blessed Sacrament, the reflections found in Eucharistic Contemplation provide a distinct style for prayer and veneration.

Eucharistic Contemplation is not another book of eucharistic devotions" as has been the style for the past few centuries. The prayers are not directed to Jesus in the Sacrament of the Altar, full of sentiments, feelings, petitions, thanksgiving, praise, or reparation. Rather, these 32 reflections focus on contemplation as a simple, straightforward, and honest prayer. Every short reading leads to moments of silent contemplation. They are meant to serve principally for moments of prayer, yet define the meaning of what contemplation, and specifically eucharistic contemplation, are to people of faith praying before the Blessed sacrament.

Prepared and delivered in the parish of San Francisco de Borja, in Lima, Peru, these reflections on the Eucharist use actual prayers from the Church's sacramentary and rites. Each reflection follows the process of Eucharistic contemplation. The first reading should be studied slowly to have a basic understanding of the text. Then, the reader is invited to search out the various scriptural background references, especially from the Old Testament. A re-reading of the text, with pauses, and time for deep silence concludes the meditation.

Chapters are *The Mystery of the Love of God, - *Eucharistic Contemplation, - *Mystery/Memorial of Christ, - *United in Blood with One Past, - *The Blood of Christ, - *The Seven Offerings of the Blood of Christ, - *Bread as Living Remembrance, - *Proclaim the Mystery of Faith, - *O Holy Banquet, - *Blood of the Covenant, - *'Remove the Sandals From Your Feet, For the Place on Which You Are Standing is Holy Ground,'- *'I AM WHO I AM,'- *The Meeting Tent, - *'And He Lived Among Us,'- *The Wedding of Cana, - *Bread in the Wilderness, - *The Ark of the Covenant, - *Christ, the Propitiation For Our Sins, - *Christ, the One and Only Sacrifice, - *Advent, - *The Beginning and the End, - *'Let Us Go Up to the House of the Lord,'- *Zen Meditation and the Eucharist, - *Pope John Paul II in the Cenacle of Jerusalem, - *Grace, the Fullness of the Christian Life, - *The Eucharist Where There Is No Eucharist, - *Bread For the Journey, - *The Eucharist and the Servant of the Lord, - *The Eucharist and the Lord of Miracles, - *Mary and Martha, - *Mary and the Eucharist, - *The Eucharist and Prayers of Petition. -

Ernest Rally, CPPS, PhD, is the administrator of two parish schools at San Francisco deBorja parish in Lima, Peru.


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Erscheinungsdatum 1. Dezember 2003
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