The Paris Commune 1871 - Turning Points - Robert Tombs - Bücher - Taylor & Francis Ltd - 9781138171640 - 24. April 2016
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The Paris Commune 1871 - Turning Points 1. Ausgabe

Robert Tombs

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The Paris Commune 1871 - Turning Points 1. Ausgabe

The Paris Commune was the biggest and last popular revolution in western Europe - ending the cycle of revolutions that started in 1789. The Parisians, reeling from defeat in the Franco-Prussian War set up their own revolutionary administration. Government troops eventually retook the city and took a terrible revenge: thousands died in the bloodbath that followed. The short-lived Commune and its repression cast a long shadow. It exposed deep divisions in French society and became a potent inspiration for the radical left. This stirring new study written with great zest, and a vivid sense of time and place lets the reader experience these tumultuous events at first hand and provides a comprehensive synthesis of recent research in both French and English.

252 pages

Medien Bücher     Gebundenes Buch   (Buch mit hartem Rücken und steifem Einband)
Erscheinungsdatum 24. April 2016
ISBN13 9781138171640
Verlag Taylor & Francis Ltd
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