Discussions in History and Theology (Routledge Revivals) - Routledge Revivals - George P. Fisher - Bücher - Taylor & Francis Ltd - 9781138823822 - 12. März 2016
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Discussions in History and Theology (Routledge Revivals) - Routledge Revivals 1. Ausgabe

George P. Fisher

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Discussions in History and Theology (Routledge Revivals) - Routledge Revivals 1. Ausgabe

First published in 1880 and reprinted in 1987, this is a fascinating collection of essays by the nineteenth-century theologian and historian George P. Fisher, arranged into three key classifications. The first group comprises papers that relate to the history, polity and dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church, with a particular focus on how the religion of ancient Rome reappears in the characteristic features of Latin Christianity. The second group of essays relates to the New England theology that was pioneered by Jonathan Edwards and entailed important modifications in the philosophy of Calvinism. Unitarianism is also discussed in detail, which is the subject of a paper on Channing, who was regarded as the most prominent representative of the movement in America. The third set of essays explores Theism and Christian evidences, with papers presenting analyses of rationalistic theory, Atheism, and the intellectual and spiritual career of the Apostle Paul. A fascinating and comprehensive collection, this important reissue will be of particular value to students interested in the interplay between history and Christian theology.

572 pages

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Erscheinungsdatum 12. März 2016
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