I Was There when the World Stood Still - K. Ray Marrs - Bücher - 1st Book Library - 9781410702654 - 8. August 2003
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I Was There when the World Stood Still Revised edition

K. Ray Marrs

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I Was There when the World Stood Still Revised edition

I WAS THERE WHEN THE WORLD STOOD STILL is a first-person account of how the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, put the dreams and aspirations of an 18 year-old Kansas farm boy on hold for four years and twenty days. In fact the dreams of millions of people from around the world were put on hold for the duration of that global war and all of our lives would be changed forever. The moment of that attack was the beginning of a total World War. I played a very small part in that global conflict that involved more men and women, over more of the world, with more loss of life and more destruction than any other recorded event in the history of the world. Of the 16 million Americans that were involved in that conflict the United States lost almost 300,000 men and another 670,800 suffered non-fatal battle wounds.

This book describes in detail how one Kansas farm boy made the dramatic change from a peace-loving farm lad to a Navy combat pilot in a very short time.

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Erscheinungsdatum 8. August 2003
ISBN13 9781410702654
Verlag 1st Book Library
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