White Light - Tom Reilly - Bücher - Xlibris Corporation - 9781413441239 - 2. Mai 2008
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White Light

Tom Reilly

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White Light

The story is set in the Thatcher era with the struggle of industrial reform and the threat of the Falklands War. The IRA is taking advantage of the political turmoil by increasing terrorist attacks on the British mainland such as the Brighton bombing. Immigration is also becoming a major issue as Britain became the haven for social security. A new organization has sprung up, "The National White Front." Their objective is to bring down the Thatcher government. What better way than to join forces with the IRA. "White Light" is the code name for what is to be the most controversial terrorist attack in the history of Great Britain. The main character, Taylor Armstrong, at forty-three, is going through a midlife crisis, with his marriage seriously in trouble as the result of being a workaholic and his pursuit of power and wealth, believing that money solves everything. He is handsome and has no trouble attracting the opposite sex, sometimes to his detriment. Armstrong is pressing for a main board appointment with his company, Global Inc., a multinational conglomerate, on the acquisition trail. His new assignment takes him to Malaysia to investigate the financials of Global's latest acquisition, ATE, only to find himself in a real-life drama where sex, murder, and drugs are everyday events. His outrageous womanizing only adds to his troubles when he uncovers the real meaning of White Light. He now knows too much and his life is in danger!

Medien Bücher     Gebundenes Buch   (Buch mit hartem Rücken und steifem Einband)
Erscheinungsdatum 2. Mai 2008
ISBN13 9781413441239
Verlag Xlibris Corporation
Seitenanzahl 536
Maße 158 × 36 × 208 mm   ·   807 g
Sprache Englisch  

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