My Journey from when We Were Colored - Sallie Williams - Bücher - Xlibris Corporation - 9781450032445 - 22. Februar 2010
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My Journey from when We Were Colored

Sallie Williams

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My Journey from when We Were Colored

Publisher Marketing: The reason for this journey is to let readers see her thoughts about things from all aspect. To make people (those interested) know, everything is "not" just black and white [there is always a gray area] but overlooked. This book is a combination of her thoughts that will let you view things from another angle but keep in mind, these are just her thoughts and you are just on her journey. She is not a writer, just a thinker so what you read is "reality" writing, not professional. Punctuations, syllables, and sentence structure maybe wrong but you will get the message "I hope." She is a deep thinker sharing her thoughts and likes to evaluate a situation before passing judgment. She likes to motivate when she recognize gifts in people and tries to encourage them to follow that gift. She has sympathy for those with very low self-esteem and will stay with them to try helping them realize that there is a bright side. She looks for the good in a person when others only focus on the bad because there is good and bad in us all. She is a high school graduate with two years of college without a degree, mother of three and has retired from her job after thirty years. She watches a lot of news and that keeps her wondering, is it news or just gossip. She is not a Politician and she is not a professor, she just sits in her room, watch T. V. and analyze what she see and hear. "They do not always speak for her."

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Erscheinungsdatum 22. Februar 2010
ISBN13 9781450032445
Verlag Xlibris Corporation
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