The Best of Sal & Al: Opinions from the Trenches - Nan Alex - Bücher - Createspace - 9781453694640 - 26. November 2010
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The Best of Sal & Al: Opinions from the Trenches

Nan Alex

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The Best of Sal & Al: Opinions from the Trenches

Publisher Marketing: The Best of SAL & AL offers a series of Opinions from the Trenches, collected from their daily blog at and now available in book form. It catches the anxiety of the man and woman on the street, trying to cope with the times. The combination of their cartoon images coupled with their mini-editorials, no matter how dire, but always ready with a smile when recognizing and identifying the futility at hand. Sal & Al are two "everyman" salt of the earth characters, who live in the same neighborhood. They went to grade and high school together. They never went to college. They are on the verge of retirement, yet still at work. They have enough time on their hands to think about what makes the world go round and contemplate the wisdom of life. They are always trying to figure out how their lives may be affected by events they read about daily in the paper or see on television. They are not hesitant to ask whether the Emperor indeed wears clothes. They try to peel off the layers of obfuscations, spin, political correctness and double talk by politicians. Although not formally versed in history, they are old enough to remember their own history. They are thinking men. They are grass roots. Contributor Bio:  Alex, Nan Alex (aka Nancy Axelrad)

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Erscheinungsdatum 26. November 2010
ISBN13 9781453694640
Verlag Createspace
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