Jazz in the Pass - Dan A. Ellis - Bücher - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781460905074 - 13. Mai 2011
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Jazz in the Pass

Dan A. Ellis

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Jazz in the Pass

Jazz in the Pass emanates the historic musical legacies as put forth by Capt. John Handy, saxophone; Joe B. Jackson, pianist; and the Watson Brothers' Band, who were all from this community. The festival has grown with each year, with the potential of becoming a major event. Capt. John Handy, a Black man with roots in Pass Christian, became internationally famous for his performances with his alto sax. At his funeral in 1970, Harold DeJean, head of the Olympia Brass Band, echoed out, ?We come to lay him down right!? The ritual is a tradition for New Orleans old musicians that seldom varies. The band lead the hearse in a somber funereal march to the cemetery, playing hymns all along the way. The lead trumpet rolled out the first notes of ?Closer Walk With Thee.? Then they let loose with a sprightly march as they came away from the grave, blaring lively Dixieland tunes. The trumpets aimed heavenward, clarinets playing lower register, and the trombones flamed like burnished gold. The mourners strutted and trucked all along the band route. Friends had come from as far as England and as near as around the corner ? also in tribute were the bells from other churches in the city that began ringing ? ?there were the sounds of music everywhere.

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Erscheinungsdatum 13. Mai 2011
ISBN13 9781460905074
Verlag CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf
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