The History of the Inquisition - Philip a Limborch - Bücher - Createspace - 9781470077198 - 15. Februar 2012
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The History of the Inquisition

Philip a Limborch

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The History of the Inquisition

Publisher Marketing: That History needs nothing that I can say to recommend it. When it first came over to England, it was received with great Approbation by many of the principal Nobility and Clergy. Mr. Lock, that incomparable Judge of Men and Books, gives it the highest Character, and commends it for its Method and Perspicuity, and the Authorities by which it is so abundantly confirmed, and pronounces it a Work in its Kind absolutely perfect. He was particularly pleased that Mr. Limborch used the very Words of the Authors which he cites; and, though this may make the reading of the History tedious to some, yet it was necessary, that the Inquisitors might be convicted by the Testimony of their own Writers, of those villanous Frauds and Cruelties, with which they are charged. In a Letter to Mr. Limborch himself, he tells him, that he had so fully exposed their secret Arts of Wickedness and Cruelty, that, if they had any Remains of Humanity in them, they must be ashamed of that horrid Tribunal, in which every Thing that was just and righteous was so monstrously perverted; and that 'twas fit to be translated into the vulgar Language of every Nation, that the meanest People might understand the Anti-christian Practices of that execrable Court. The Papists were so apprehensive of the Prejudices that might arise to their Cause by the Publication of this Book, that the Cardinals, Inquisitors General at Rome, condemn'd it by an Edict, and forbad the reading it, under the severest Penalties. Mr. Lock often mentions, in his Letters, several Additions which Mr. Limborch had prepared, and promised to transmit to him, that he might insert them in their proper Places in the Margin. I know not whether he ever had the Pleasure of seeing them; 'tis certain the Publick hath never hitherto been favour'd with them.

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