Dragons and Butterflies: Just Like Her Father: the Jean Ridgeway Story - Miss Marie Jensen - Bücher - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781475018189 - 13. März 2012
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Dragons and Butterflies: Just Like Her Father: the Jean Ridgeway Story

Miss Marie Jensen

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Dragons and Butterflies: Just Like Her Father: the Jean Ridgeway Story

The UK #1 Kindle School-Age Bestseller from Marie Jensen.

'Just Like Her Father' is the first in a series of six novels, charting the life of Jean Ridgeway.

Jean is an abused child who survives. A victim to start with, she worked through her issues. Her past haunted her for many years.

Time is a great healer. Pain and suffering can give you inner strength, or break you.

Each novel in the series is a stage in Jean?s life, one girl?s story. This book covers her childhood years.

Once you have read Jean?s story, you will understand more about courage and cowardice.

'Often hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching, always touching.

You will be rooting for Jean Ridgeway, as she battles her domestic abuser, and her own fears with the help of her friends.

This wonderful childhood tale spans the UK and the 1960's racial hotbed of Singapore, and is made all the more engaging by the fact that it is loosely based on a true story.

The tale is the first in a series of six novels, charting Jean's colourful life.

Marie Jensen has delivered plenty already, and the remaining volumes in the saga promise much more.' STEVE STONE

'This is the story of a young child who suffered a horrendous upbringing of physical and psychological abuse.

You will experience, through Jean Ridgeway's innocent eyes, every emotion to its extreme, from love to hatred, laughter to sadness, hope to despair.

It is written in a style that holds nothing back, and compels the reader on and on. Whilst claiming to be a work of fiction,

you will be left in no doubt as to the reality of many of the events it portrays.

This is a truly impressive work and, with further volumes of The Story of Jean Ridgeway in the pipeline,

it will surely launch Marie Jensen on to the world's stage as one of the most moving and powerful writers of our time.' RICHARD O (AMAZON)

'This is a very touching and beautiful novel. The essence of the heroine Jean is captured very poignantly and your heart reaches out for her.

Though she herself is in pain and troubles, she is very stoic and yet very loving and loyal to her brother, friends and her pets.

The innocence of Jean is captured very realistically and you feel for her.

Jean is truly a heroine and I am eagerly waiting for the next book in this series. A truly excellent debut.' MAHENDRA BANGALORE

'Suspenseful tale of a child's attempt to deal with mental and physical abuse.... thoroughly deserves its title of Kindle #1 School-Age yarn.' MARTIN KING

'As charming as it is often disturbing. In the central battle between Jean and her abuser, I couldn't stop turning pages, to see who eventually won.... for now.' SUE STERLING

'I engaged with Jean straightaway. I laughed at her superb adventures, as much as I cried, when it came to her genuinely frightening abuser.

A great story of a struggle of a girl to retain her sanity, in the face of adversity.' NATALIE COOK

'Epic story of a magical, yet disturbing childhood. Can't wait for the next book covering adolescence (?), to see how it all progresses.' SEAN MURDOCH

'This tale of youth has it all. Fun, hurt, joy, despair,

and all set against a background of a military service family traversing the UK and Singapore, interacting with racial tensions in the 1960's.' ARNIE TADWORTH

'Electrifying masterclass in YA writing, but of enormous interest to adults too, as adventure, domestic abuse and mental health overlap.' MAX GRUBER

'I've never known so many ecstatic highs and crashing lows, in just one book.

Jean is surrounded by well-formed characters, ranging from her mother, father and brother, to teachers, extended family and friends.

The climax is as shocking as it is riveting, as her abuser faces the greatest challenge to his cruel regime.' PAUL CONNELLY

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Erscheinungsdatum 13. März 2012
ISBN13 9781475018189
Verlag CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platf
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Maße 125 × 17 × 200 mm   ·   312 g
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