Energy Psychology: Unlock the Power of the Human Mind - Harry Jay - Bücher - Createspace - 9781481875257 - 30. Dezember 2012
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Energy Psychology: Unlock the Power of the Human Mind

Harry Jay

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Energy Psychology: Unlock the Power of the Human Mind

Publisher Marketing: Energy Psychology Techniques is the latest in treatment protocols for variety of mental maladies. Energy psychology is more often referred to as healing energy and its treatment protocols are employed by psychologists, psychotherapists, child psychology practitioners, and psychiatrists. It is often mislabeled spiritual healing too. Founded on quantum physics, it is without a doubt the most interesting facet of the general field of psychology. Energy psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system and heart, meridians, biophotons, biofields, etc. Although psychological functioning involves thought, emotions, chemistry, neurology, genetics and environmental aspects, at an essential level bioenergy is also involved. Just as an audiotape or computer hard drive contain information in electromagnetic fields, similarly our brain and body operate electromagnetically. Energy psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas including psychotherapy, counseling, education, vocational guidance, physical health, pain management, sports and peak performance. It employs the energy of the body to heal itself. Energy Psychology has been called "acupressure for the emotions." By accessing energy points on the surface of the skin while focusing the mind on specific psychological problems or goals, the brain's electrochemistry can be shifted to alleviate a myriad of maladies. Using hand manipulation techniques, the energy fields of the body are adjusted and directed to the part of the body that is diseased or affected. These techniques discussed in the book are proven and widely employed to treat a variety of diseases. This is a must read book and fascinating in content. Contributor Bio:  Jay, Harry Dr. Harry Jay is Director of Research for, a mental health and mind research group of Applied Web Info, and is the author of over 100 books and research papers as a behavioral scientist. In his 31-year career, Dr. Harry Jay has contributed many new mental health treatment treatments and protocols using some of the new advances he has discovered in Energy Psychology. He specializes in addictions of all kinds, sexual abuse, child predation and gender relationships. He is also a board member to and serves on the science committee assisting non-fiction science writers in book publishing and promotion. As a leading behavioral scientist, he provides profiling services to the company's unit as well as criminal psychology research to aid in identifying and apprehending child predators and cyber-criminals of all kinds. He resides in Southern Utah and enjoys the outdoors, fishing and photography. http: //

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum 30. Dezember 2012
ISBN13 9781481875257
Verlag Createspace
Seitenanzahl 54
Maße 133 × 203 × 3 mm   ·   68 g

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