You!! the Next Millionaire - Jaya Raj Kozandapani - Bücher - Partridge Singapore - 9781482827071 - 22. Oktober 2014
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You!! the Next Millionaire

Jaya Raj Kozandapani

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You!! the Next Millionaire

Publisher Marketing: Almost everyone in this world wants Wealth, Success and Happiness. From the perspective of the subconscious mind The Universe is an Extension of The Individual and it is the conscious mind that keeps thinking that one is a part of or belongs to the Universe. This book teaches you how to connect to the Universal Mind through your subconscious mind in order to fulfill your intentions and desires. After reading this book you will begin to understand that your hard work, your background, your ethnicity, your country, your family, your teachers and even You from the conscious state of mind plays less than 10% role in determining who you could become. It is the subconscious mind which plays 90% of the turns and events that will eventually enable you to realize your desires in realizing any dreams, including wealth. You begin to to understand the connection between you and the universe, and what you do as you merge deeper into your co-existence with everything around you. You will begin to realize that the current financial situation you are leading is an accumulation of thought patterns and memories imprinting it time and again, and chanelling itself to the Greater Universal Mind through waves emanating from your subconscious mind. This waves and vibrations emanating from your subconscious mind will be the determinant of the magnitude in financial success. Why financial success? Because you are in the material world and you are using your mind waves to bring about results of materialistic kind. You are already tasting everything in your thought, but you could not 'touch your thoughts' because it is in immaterial form. So now you get it? Use your mind, connect to the Universal Mind and get what you want in the Material World. By proper activation of the thought pattern, you channel your desires to the Higher Mind and wait. That is all it takes. By this, you move the Hands of the Universe quicker and more effectively. You become active and proactive. So does the Universe that embodies you. Although many of us are successful in career, we still find we are not living our dreams. Like Galileo Galilei once said, "We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." How true? If only we understand deeper...

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Erscheinungsdatum 22. Oktober 2014
ISBN13 9781482827071
Verlag Partridge Singapore
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Maße 140 × 216 × 7 mm   ·   149 g