Rejected Yet Loved - Lauri Mack - Bücher - Aventine Press - 9781593306786 - 6. August 2010
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Rejected Yet Loved

Lauri Mack

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Rejected Yet Loved

Can you imagine marrying a man who is not in love with you and who made love to you on your wedding night thinking you were someone else? This is exactly what happened to a woman named Leah. Her husband, Jacob was in love with her sister, Rachel and that's who he thought he had married. On the wedding night, Leah's dad put Leah in the bed instead of Rachel. How do you think Jacob felt, but what's more important, how do you think Leah felt? Read her story and discover the greatest love you will ever know - the love of the Almighty God.

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum 6. August 2010
ISBN13 9781593306786
Verlag Aventine Press
Seitenanzahl 108
Maße 213 × 6 × 138 mm   ·   145 g
Sprache Englisch