The Eskimo Twins, Illustrated Edition (Yesterday's Classics) - Lucy Fitch Perkins - Bücher - Yesterday's Classics - 9781599150598 - 12. November 2006
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The Eskimo Twins, Illustrated Edition (Yesterday's Classics)

Lucy Fitch Perkins

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The Eskimo Twins, Illustrated Edition (Yesterday's Classics)

Share the adventures of Menie and Monnie, 5 year-old twins in an Eskimo village, where the villagers have to provide for all their own needs. Their father, Kesshoo, is a brave fisherman and strong hunter and their mother Koolee is clever in making clothing and shoes out of the skins of the animals which he brings home. We watch the twins as they spot a polar bear while coasting on their sleds, then join with the villagers in the sharing of the meat and the feasting afterwards. Among the other activities they enjoy are ice fishing, building a snow house, hunting for seals, and traveling by boat to their summering ground where they catch salmon to dry for the winter. Children are captivated by the humor and playfulness in this community where the winter night lasts for four long months! Suitable for ages 6 and up.

180 pages, 1

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum USA, 12. November 2006
ISBN13 9781599150598
Verlag Yesterday's Classics
Seitenanzahl 180
Maße 151 × 228 × 14 mm   ·   272 g
Sprache Englisch  

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