Clematis: An Essential Guide - Ruth Gooch - Bücher - The Crowood Press Ltd - 9781847972514 - 25. April 2011
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Clematis: An Essential Guide

Ruth Gooch

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Clematis: An Essential Guide

Clematis are loved for the abundance and colour of their blooms but are not so well known for their versatility. Although they are typically and successfully used as climbers, they can be grown almost anywhere under most conditions. This guide introduces the genus in all its glory to the novice gardener.

240 pages, 440 colour photographs

Medien Bücher     Gebundenes Buch   (Buch mit hartem Rücken und steifem Einband)
Erscheinungsdatum 25. April 2011
ISBN13 9781847972514
Verlag The Crowood Press Ltd
Seitenanzahl 240
Maße 255 × 199 × 24 mm   ·   900 g
Sprache Englisch