Lyver Pejadow Rag Kenyver Jorna: Cornish Daily Prayer - Andy Phillips - Bücher - Evertype - 9781904808275 - 5. April 2009
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Lyver Pejadow Rag Kenyver Jorna: Cornish Daily Prayer Cornish, 2 edition

Andy Phillips

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Lyver Pejadow Rag Kenyver Jorna: Cornish Daily Prayer Cornish, 2 edition

There are a great many people now seeking to learn Cornish, and all are looking for ways to use it in their daily lives. One is through the age-old practice of daily prayer. This book has been compiled with two aims?to help you to learn Cornish, and to bring you closer to God in the process. Morning and Evening Prayer in this book follow a traditional format, and ancient prayers from the Celtic Church have been included whenever possible. A fixed psalm for Morning and Evening Prayer is used each day to make things simple, because that?s how prayer should be. Collects have been included for use during the Church year, as well as a list of Celtic saints? days. -- Yma lies huny i?n tor?-ma owth assaya desky Kernowek, hag ow whelas fordhow rag ûsya an tavas i?ga bêwnans pùb dëdh oll. Onen a?n fordhow-na yw an ûsadow coth a bejadow kenyver jorna. Yma dew dowl gans an lyver-ma?gul gweres dhe dus ow tesky Kernowek ha?ga dry nessa dhe Dhuw kefrÿs. Yma Pejadow Myttyn ha Pejadow Gordhuwher i?n lyver-ma ow sewya an ordyr tradycyonal, hag y feu formys a bejadow coth dhia an Eglos Keltek gorrys aberveth pan o hedna possybyl. Udn salm yn udnek re beu appoyntys rag pùb dëdh a?n seythen, may fe taclow sempel? rag gwell yw an pejadow mars yw sempel. Yma Collectys dhe ûsya dre vledhen an Eglos i?n lyver inwedh, ha rol a dhegolyow nebes sens Keltek.

Medien Bücher     Taschenbuch   (Buch mit Softcover und geklebtem Rücken)
Erscheinungsdatum 5. April 2009
ISBN13 9781904808275
Verlag Evertype
Seitenanzahl 96
Maße 127 × 6 × 198 mm   ·   113 g
Sprache Kornisch  
Mitwirkende Nicholas Williams

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