Don't Get Married Unless - Johan Freud Md - Bücher - Medfo Publishing - 9781930822320 - 4. Februar 2009
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Don't Get Married Unless

Johan Freud Md

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Don't Get Married Unless

Don?t get married Unless? The title says it all, everyone asks ?what?s the unless?? From how failure develops in a relationship to how to take precautions to prevent failure. This book will have you reading non-stop to find these answers. How do you know that you?re partner is the right one for you? What traits do you look for in yourself as well as in your partner that would make both of you compatible for the long haul? A wise man once said ?you never truly know you?re lover until you?ve been to court with them? Do you really know their true intentions? Are you willing to risk half of your present and future assets with that partner? Half of all marriages end in divorce, what precautions would be helpful to make things fair and protect both of your assets? What makes love last for a lifetime? Can you both be truly in love and in perfect balance with each other? What do you look for in that special someone that will greatly increase your chances of long-term success in a relationship? Some people marry for love, some for money, some for love and money and others look for their soul mate. This book may help you find out how to look for what you want? a reader said ?this book is brutally true?almost too much so?, ?I wish I had read it 10 years ago?

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Erscheinungsdatum 4. Februar 2009
ISBN13 9781930822320
Verlag Medfo Publishing
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Maße 131 × 18 × 200 mm   ·   349 g
Sprache Englisch