Varieties of Magic Realism - Clark Zlotchew - Bücher - Academic Press ENE - 9781930879478 - 4. März 2007
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Varieties of Magic Realism

Clark Zlotchew

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Varieties of Magic Realism

A Collection of Essays for college courses such as: Magical Realism in Latin America. Spanish-American Fiction: XXth Century; Special Topics: Jorge Luis Borges and Sex and Magic in Latin American Literature. The term "magic realism" or "magical realism" has been employed with great frequency in the last half of the twentieth century, especially in reference to contemporary Latin American literature, yet it is not always clear exactly what is meant by this designation. In his introduction to this outstanding collection of essays, Dr. Clark Zlotchew attempts to elucidate the meaning and scope of the term by providing a historical overview of it, defining the literary modes often confused with it and offering some current opinions on what a definition of "magic realism" should or might be. The ten essays that follow present an analysis of works by writers such as Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes, Julio Ricci, Antonio Brailovsky and Enrique Jaramillo Levi, in an attempt to illustrate the manner in which some Latin American authors create their own brand of "magic realism".

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Erscheinungsdatum 4. März 2007
ISBN13 9781930879478
Verlag Academic Press ENE
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