Introduccin a la Literatura Infantil En Espaol - Lidia Daz - Bücher - Academic Press Ene - 9781930879546 - 15. Juli 2008
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Introduccin a la Literatura Infantil En Espaol Spanish, 2 edition

Lidia Daz

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Introduccin a la Literatura Infantil En Espaol Spanish, 2 edition

Introducción a la literatura infantil en español is an indispensable textbook for college courses on Children's Literature in Spanish. Today, in its second edition, more and more Colleges are adopting this textbook for their literature courses. The author, Dr. Lidia Díaz is the developer of one of the few courses in the discipline in the USA. The book can also serve as a necessary reference book for those in direct contact with Spanish speaking children who are learning to read, such as teachers and librarians as well as parents and authors of books for children. Among other topics, the book discusses different approaches to reading texts for children, selection criteria and mechanisms of construction of the texts. The book presents a revalorization of children's literature, a genre historically undervalued. ISBN: 1-930879-54-7 Direct Orders to

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Erscheinungsdatum 15. Juli 2008
ISBN13 9781930879546
Verlag Academic Press Ene
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