Medicinal Plants and Essential Elements in Them - Ruth Wanjau - Bücher - LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing - 9783659365027 - 24. Mai 2013
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Medicinal Plants and Essential Elements in Them

Ruth Wanjau

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Medicinal Plants and Essential Elements in Them

This book is a compilation of a well-researched work indicating levels of selected mineral elements in common medicinal plants of Chuka community, Tharaka nithi County in Kenya. The results show that medicinal plants of this region have significant levels of mineral elements in varied concentrations. Among the medicinal plants considered in this study were Aloe secundiflora, Prunus africana, Bauhinia tomentosa, Bidens pilosa, Carisa edulis among others. They were analysed for Na, Mg, Ca, Fe, Mg, Cr, K and Cu. This information will provide insight for baseline studies and may also be useful in formulation of mineral supplements from medicinal plants to help manage mineral deficiency in people.

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Erscheinungsdatum 24. Mai 2013
ISBN13 9783659365027
Verlag LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Maße 150 × 12 × 226 mm   ·   317 g
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