Philosophy As a Form of Creation - Nikolay Andryonov - Bücher - LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing - 9783659365416 - 24. April 2013
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Philosophy As a Form of Creation

Nikolay Andryonov

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Philosophy As a Form of Creation

Philosophy is a form of thinking when the connection with content or reality is only meant to be. Philosophical statements are discoveries in the sphere of form, for man they are only a hypothetical guideline and mainly perform the methodological function in science. Philosophy is a superstructure over scientific statements which can determine the direction of further investigation into the depth of matter. Different sciences have different connections with reality. The connection of natural and technical sciences can be defined as the direct one, because they study the object directly. In mathematics it is more complicated, formulae have no link with reality and they are filled with real content is rather conditioned. In philosophy it is more complicated, since it is a thinking in the sphere of form and the connection with reality is only meant to be. The subject is very versatile and inexhaustible, only a number of aspects are considered in this book, like Plato was amazed at the incomprehensibility of abstractions and tried to determine its functions. The book is meant for scientist and scholars, post-graduate students and philosophers.

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Erscheinungsdatum 24. April 2013
ISBN13 9783659365416
Verlag LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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