The Hills Seasons 1 to 6  / The City Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Collections - Hills The City + Laguna Beach - Filme - Paramount Pictures - 5014437147134 - 18. April 2011
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The Hills Seasons 1 to 6 / The City Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Collections

Hills The City + Laguna Beach

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The Hills Seasons 1 to 6 / The City Seasons 1 to 2 Complete Collections

This fabulous collection of the finest reality television drama’s produced MTV combines the entire series/episodes of hit shows THE HILLS, LAGUNA BEACH and THE CITY.
Inspired by the success of Fox's teen soap THE O. C., the producers at MTV came up with this reality series about the real-life residents of Orange County, California. Like the characters in THE O. C., the teens of LAGUNA BEACH - THE REAL ORANGE COUNTY drive fancy cars and spend a great deal of their time shopping for expensive clothes. They also fret about their love lives, or lack thereof, while sunning by pools and cruising the California strip. While the half-hour series follows the lives of six different teenagers in their last year before leaving Laguna for college, viewers will find a semi-protagonist in Lauren. An aspiring fashion designer, Lauren agonises over her relationship with Stephen, who constantly switches his attention between Lauren, and her ultimate nemesis, a junior named Kristin. While the two girls supposedly can't stand each other, shared social circles bring them together time and time again, causing loyalties to be tested, and drama to reach breaking point.
Lauren Conrad (LC) ditches the sun, sea, and sand of LAGUNA BEACH and heads for THE HILLS in this glitzy spin-off of MTV's hit 'reality' show. Bunking up with her entertainingly ditsy roommate Heidi, LC is forced to grow up fast and deal with the very real pressures of adult life. Between professional and academic responsibilities--she attends fashion merchandising classes and takes on a demanding internship at Teen Vogue--LC has little time left for personal drama, yet she still manages to squeeze in some troubled romance with LAGUNA heartbreaker Jason. THE HILLS has an addictively stylish look that will no doubt appeal to fans of LAGUNA BEACH, and the subject matter is a bit less catty thanks to its nice-girl lead and the absence of bad-girl Kristin Cavallari.
This spin-off from the popular reality series THE HILLS follows the show's former co-star Whitney Port as she packs up and moves to New York to take a job at the fashion house of Diane Von Furstenberg. Leaving behind her friends, her home, and the guy she loves, Whitney soon finds the relocation will be a huge transition, and with confusion at every turn over who she can trust--and who she can't--it looks like city life is more complicated than Whitney ever imagined. This release contains every episode from the show's debut series.


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