Hit Me Hard And Soft - Billie Eilish - Musik - Darkroom/Interscope Records - 0602465270525 - 17. Mai 2024
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Hit Me Hard And Soft Limited Indie Sea Blue Vinyl edition

Billie Eilish

Hit Me Hard And Soft Limited Indie Sea Blue Vinyl edition

Billie Eilish announces her highly anticipated third studio album 'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT', which will be released globally on 17 May via Darkroom/Interscope Records.

It will be her most daring work to date. The album 'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT' is a versatile yet cohesive selection of songs that should ideally be played in its entirety from start to finish. The album does exactly as the title suggests: It hits you hard and soft, both in terms of lyrics and sonics, while bending genres and defying trends.

'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT' travels through a vast and expansive sonic landscape that leaves the listener feeling immersed in a full spectrum of emotions. It's exactly what the Grammy and Oscar-winning megastar does best, and it continues to emphasise why Billie Eilish is the most exciting songwriter of her time. As always, Eilish is her own person, a stylistically unique force on the global music scene.

'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT' was written by Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, her brother and constant musical collaborator. As with the previous album, FINNEAS also acts as producer on this album. The release will be available in several different formats and all physical formats are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Medien Musik     VINYL     LP   (Vinyl)
Schallplattenanzahl 1
Erscheinungsdatum 17. Mai 2024
EAN/UPC 0602465270525
Label Darkroom/Interscope Records
Genre Pop
Maße 5 × 315 × 315 mm   ·   300 g

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